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MoraleCheck’s Onboarding Surveys allow employers to feed the experiences of new employees back into the organization to ensure new hires are trained effectively and become productive members of the workforce in a shorter period of time. Onboarding Surveys are pivotal in creating an open relationship with new hires in which the terms of communication are clearly established. New employees see the organization with fresh eyes, and form first impressions based on recruitment, onboarding processes, training, and initial perceptions of the company culture. Once you’ve gone through the effort to attract, recruit, orient, and train your employees, what do they need to become successful members of your organization?




Onboarding Surveys can be completed by telephone, online, or through a combination of both methods to ensure employees have the option to participate in a manner that is both convenient and comfortable for them.


  Telephone surveys are conducted with an HR professional, eliminating any   ambiguity in results. Clarification can be requested and provided instantly. Our interviewers are extensively trained to elicit candid feedback from each participant.


 Online options are also available to employees that prefer to complete a web survey.  MoraleCheck’s online survey tool is user friendly, and enables the capture of both statistical and verbatim responses for each of the survey questions.


MoraleCheck can design custom survey initiatives utilizing both telephone and email contact methods to maximize employee participation.



Question Design
MoraleCheck’s implementation team consults with clients to develop questionnaires that will effectively capture employee feedback regarding:

  • Recruitment
  • Orientation
  • Training
  • Management
  • Working Conditions


Reporting Styles
MoraleCheck’s Onboarding Surveys can be completed using an anonymous reporting style or a confidential reporting style.


The anonymous interviewing style ensures that any identifying information is not attached to the survey report. Employee responses are compiled into an aggregate reporting package produced on a quarterly basis. Individual results are not supplied.


The confidentia linterviewing style allows clients to access individual employee surveys in real time, as well as view quarterly aggregate reporting packages. Employees are informed that their names will be attached to their onboarding survey, and are informed of those within the organization that will have access to it.



Communication Tools
MoraleCheck provides clients with guidance in developing the strong communication program needed to successfully endorse and support the survey initiative. We recommend clients make every effort to inform employees of their partnership with MoraleCheck. Our implementation team can work with your organization to develop a "notice to employee" form. This form is produced with each client’s unique culture, sensitivities and business strategy in mind. It can be co-branded with your organization’s logo, and customized to capture up-to-date contact information from each employee.


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