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Why Conduct Morale Surveys?

Know What Your Employees Are Thinking



Knowing what your employees are thinking through each stage of their employment is key to identifying your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Every company has concerns that threaten employee engagement, workforce productivity, and business profitability, but implementing Engagement & Retention services with Checkwell can assist your organization in monitoring areas of potential concern, and addressing identified areas of weakness.



Measurable Benefits of Morale Surveys

Our clients have identified many of the measurable benefits they have experienced in implementing employee survey initiatives. These include:

  • Identification of road blocks for new hires
  • Evaluate employee productivity and engagement
  • Detailed assessments of programs and initiatives
  • Positive relations with workforce
  • Reduction in the costs associated with employee attrition


Why Outsource to a Third Party?

The benefits to outsourcing your survey initiatives to a third party service are extensive:

  • Faster turnaround – HR Interviewing is our core business. We have large interviewing teams available to facilitate telephone and web surveys through extended business hours, leaving your HR Personnel with the time to address the concerns highlighted by employees.
  • More candid feedback – we get the information that employees are unwilling to provide to the company directly. Our interviewers are extensively trained, very experienced, and neutral.
  • 3rd party anonymity - MoraleCheck has the ability to maintain absolute anonymity to ensure that employees do not fear recognition or reprisal for providing their feedback. This ability can boost participation rates.
  • Data consistency – outsourcing your HR interviewing services to a third-party ensures that Exit Interview data will be consistent across your organization.



Why Conduct Morale Surveys?